Why did our national team lose their match against Bahrain? 3 reasons

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Yemeni national team fans feel sad after the team’s loss to Bahrain in the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Nations.

The Yemeni national team was defeated by two unanswered goals against their Bahraini counterpart, at the start of their journey in the group stage of the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and 2027 Asian Cup finals.

The Yemeni team entered the match, which it played at the Abha Club Stadium in Saudi Arabia, with a remarkable reserve, in the face of Bahraini attacks from the beginning, because the latter completely dominated the course of the first half, while Yemen appeared without solutions . during its attempts to reach the Bahraini goal.

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Bahrain’s possession during the first half resulted in scoring the first goal in the 38th minute by player Mohammed Marhoon after a mistake by goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Saadi, ending the half with that result.

At the beginning of the second half, the Bahraini national team added a second goal with a friendly fire from the Yemeni defender Haroun Al-Zubaidi, who tried to stop a strong shot from the Bahraini players, but it entered the net in the 48th minute.

Despite Bahrain’s second goal, the performance of the Yemeni team improved relatively, and its players tried to launch many attacks against the Bahrain goal, especially after the changes made by Czech coach Miroslav Skup, but they did not result in any change in the result.

What are the reasons for Yemen’s loss against Bahrain?
Commenting on the match, sports journalist Ammar Al-Hassani believes that the Yemeni team did not give a remarkable performance during their match against their Bahraini counterpart, indicating that the issue was expected, due to the lack of a clear technical vision of the way the match. team played.

Al-Hassani told Al-Ain Sports: “The Yemeni national team, under the leadership of Miroslav Skup, did not create a personality for itself on the field. Until the Bahrain match, the national team did not defend well.”

Yemen vs. Bahrain

He continued: “The Yemeni team did not attack as it should have, although the match was considered to be on its home soil and among its fans, and it also has professional players in Gulf leagues. They should provide their expertise on this. time, but they did nothing.”

He continued: “The excuse (the lack of a local league) is no longer convincing to many, because of the presence of these professional players in the Gulf leagues, but they did not serve the national team because of the absence of the technical players. vision and tactics the coach’s method of play.”

A team for the future
For his part, sports journalist Matar Muhammad believes that the result was expected; He noted the technical differences between the Yemeni and Bahraini teams, but he believes that the match was not without advantages, according to his description.

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Matar told Al-Ain Sports: “The Yemeni national team won several young names brought by Miroslav Skup after the 70th minute of the second half, which caused a clear change in the performance of the Yemeni national team for the better.”

Matar pointed out that the technical situation of the Yemeni team will not allow it to go far in these qualifiers, especially in the World Cup qualifiers, but he can invest these matches in preparing a future team that depends on young players, who can do something if they get a bigger chance.

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