Yemen and the search for the lost peace!| Hani Al-Bayd wrote

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Restoring peace efforts from time to time is something that inspires optimism and hope among people
Because people are the first victims of wars and conflicts.

But the real and promising peace in Yemen will remain the most prominent dilemma!

The issue of ending the war or a truce is not the dilemma now

Rather, a positive and reassuring peace is the most important of the challenges ahead

Despite the convergence of viewpoints
Regional and international issues about the desired peace and simplistic stereotypes about the importance of ending the war and entering a long pause on which the promised peace process can establish its right path.

There is a threatened peace in which the choice of war remains present

It is a negative peace whose causes remain!

Although the parties engage in various forms of negotiation and diplomatic work

However, it lacks the tools to build true peace
And a solid structure to go towards a successful peace process that leads to a sustainable peace

The peace required must involve all concerned parties and influential forces with merit, conviction and clear political will
And honestly face the drivers of conflict and the triggers of recurring cycles of violence

Addressing the root causes that lead to the use of violence and fighting
And removing the direct, material and moral causes

It is the right way to achieve a more successful and lasting peace that truly expresses the demands of the people
It leads to the restoration of normal relations between parties in society

Peacebuilding methods are also a set of security, economic, political and social means to gain popular support and preserve the state and society.
Including but not limited to:
First, there must be a belief that all parties and other forces will win, and that no one is a loser in this peace process, including marginalized groups.

Second, to create a state of stability and security and people exercising their rights and duties fairly

– Building what was destroyed by the war, infrastructure, reconstruction, and dealing with the conditions of the displaced
Compensation at the level of establishments and individuals and compensation for damage

-Transitional justice (responsibility) is also equivalent to amnesty or what is called (restorative justice).

Development remains one of the most important pillars of maintaining peace and stability in societies

The media also has an important role in highlighting the gains of peace and promoting awareness and a culture of peace and its importance for stability and a decent life.

It is time for all to live in security, stability, justice and dignity

The relevant parties and all political and social forces must be well aware that they are facing a great and fatal national project.

A long peace process requires everyone to be at the level of responsibility to continue it and then maintain it

All regional and international parties must do is contribute to protect it, because it is part of international peace and security.

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