A scientific overview of diseases that can affect the nails Dr. wrote. Ali Naji

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The fungus that appears on the nails is known as onychomycosis and is one of the main causes of brittleness and breakage. This happens when a white or yellow spot appears.

Small bumps above the tip of the nail that begin to develop as the infection progresses. Sometimes this is accompanied by thickening of the nail, changes in texture and excruciating pain.

Many of us wonder why we get sick with this fungus and how it spreads so quickly?

Causes of nail fungus:

Lack of hydration causes dry skin.

Excessive sweating makes the skin a fertile environment for the spread of fungi.

Spread of infection from an infected person

Wearing unhealthy clothes like nylon.

Treatment of nail fungus

The affected frame is examined in the dermatology clinic with a magnifying glass… as well as with a scanning device called a Wood optical device. Then the infected person is sent to the laboratory to have a sample taken to detect the presence of the fungus. , which is called a KOH analysis. When the presence of the fungus is confirmed, the patient is sent to the laboratory to take blood samples to determine the functions of the liver. And other blood tests, after which treatment begins, which lasts a long time. time and periodic follow-up…

Consultant Dr. Ali bin Naji

Professor of Dermatology and Venereology, Faculty of Medicine, Zawia University, Tripoli, Western Libya

Stay healthy and safe…

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