Aden.. The Southern Journalists Syndicate is holding a symposium entitled “The Role of the Late Arab Thinker Abu Bakr Al-Saqqaf”

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Aden (Aden of Tomorrow) Nour Ali Samad

A symposium was held today at the headquarters of the Organization of Journalists of the Southern Media in Al-Tawahi District in the capital, Aden, entitled The role of the late Arab thinker Abu Bakr Al-Saqqaf, who contributed to the spread of Enlightenment thought in various media levels, especially the press, where this writer, Najmi Abdel Majeed, head of the branch of the Southern Writers and Writers Union, presented it.

In the symposium, Razia Shamshir, a representative of the Journalist Union, praised the importance of this symposium, which coincides with the celebrations of our southern people on the anniversary of national independence.

She added that this symposium reviewed many issues and things that should be taken advantage of because they are important to find a clear vision of how the change that must ever happen in our beloved south, specifically the city of Aden, Aden, history. , civilization, and religious tolerance.

The symposium was attended by the head of the Southern Union of Journalists and Media, Aidroos Bahashwan, Nasr Bagharib, deputy general secretary, Al-Shouq Shafiq, head of the Cultural Department, Naqeem Muqbel, head of the Organization Department, and a group of media and relevant jihad specialists.

Also today in this evaluation symposium, we feel that today we have been helped by many things and questions that must be taken advantage of for the role and thinkers or the media in general. It is an important thing for this country to have a clear vision. in how to express how foreigners should look and identify the city of Aden, which has lost many of its characteristics. Humanity and enlightenment in this aspect. The symposium was banned by Najib Najib Muqbel, the official of the organization department, Al-Shouq Al -Shafiq Masoud, the culture department, and some media, and Misr Gharib, deputy secretary-general. The head of the Southern Journalists and Media Union, Aidroos Bahashwan, participated in the symposium, and Gharib was appointed as deputy secretary-general, Al-Shouq Al-Shafiq , an official of the Culture Department, and Naqeem Moqbel, the official of the organizational department. And a group of media and specialists from the relevant authorities

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