Al-Beidh: The desired peace must be achieved by all parties with merit and clear conviction

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

The son of the former southern president, Ali Salem Al-Baidh, said that the peace required in Yemen must be achieved by all political parties with merit and clear conviction.

Al-Beidh wrote in a post on the wall of his page on the “X” platform: “The restoration of peace efforts from time to time is a matter of optimism and hope for people because people are the first to be affected by wars and conflicts .”

Al-Beidh explained that “the required peace must involve all relevant parties and influential forces with merit, conviction and clear political will, and stand honestly before the factors of conflicts and the triggers of repeated cycles of violence.”

He pointed out that “dealing with the main causes that lead to the use of violence and fighting and eliminating the direct material and moral causes is the right way to achieve a lasting and more successful peace that truly expresses the demands of the people and leads to the restoration of normal relations between the parties in society.”

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