Al-Mahfad Transitional Council honors journalist Abdullah Qarda in appreciation of his journalistic efforts in the board

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Al-Mahfad (Aden of Tomorrow) Muhammad Shamlaq

The local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Al-Mahfad District, Abyan, this Sunday morning, honored the media figure and journalist, Mr. Abdullah Haidara Awad Qarda, for loyalty and gratitude for what he has provided in the media aspect and his struggle. together with his brothers in the peaceful southern movement since 2007 AD, and as the first esteemed official press correspondent in the district.

The head of the Executive Board of the Transition Council in the Directorate, Mr. Mahdi Abdullah Muqbel, honored the journalist “Abdullah Qarda” with a certificate of appreciation and financial incentive provided by the local leadership for the transition of the directorate, wishing him further progress. and success in their work tasks.

This honor comes in recognition of his outstanding contributions and contributions in broadcasting the activities of the peaceful Southern Movement to a number of news sites and local channels, and keeping pace with the events of the Southern Revolution in Al-Mahfad in particular, and the Southern States. in general.

In the same context, the journalist “Qarda” extended his sincere thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the Transitional Council in Al-Mahfad District for this generous gesture that left a good impression on the soul, noting that it gave him strong incentive to him. do more, and this honor also bears indications that the Southern Transitional Council is a comprehensive entity for all the people of the South and that it He does not exclude any of the southern cadres, but rather he gives the previous generation, and we are one . of them, special concern. That indicates something, but rather indicates that it is an extension of the southern liberation revolution that began in 2007 AD. I also thank all his colleagues in the local leadership in the board of directors.

It should be noted that the journalist “Qarda” is one of the veteran journalists in Al-Mahfad, who witnessed the revolution of the peaceful Southern Movement, and the armed combat movement launched by the late Saeed Saleh Al-Shahtoor against the Yemeni occupation. at that time in 2007 AD He made great contributions to documenting the struggle movement of the people of Bakazim in the district

The honor was attended by the Vice President of the Transitional Council of Al-Mahfad, brother Ali Ahmed Al-Rubaie, the leader of the Southern Movement, the activist, Ali Muhammad Saeed Jannah, and members of the local leadership, Sheikh Ali Nasser Dhabab, Brother Muhammad Saleh Jayoul, brother Nasser Awad Taybah, brother Manser Mahdi Awad, and Professor Muhammad Shamlaq, Director of Transitional Media Directorate

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