Al-Nahdi is President of the Syndicate Committee of the School Book Printing Corporation in Hadhramauta Governorate!!!

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Hadhramaut ((Aden of tomorrow)) special

The Syndicate Committee of the Foundation of School Book Press in Hadhramaut Governorate concluded its first meeting this morning, Sunday, November 19, 2023 AD… after setting tasks for the members who received the electoral victory votes, namely :
1) Muhammad Badr Al-Nahdi, President
2) Salem Awad Obaidoun, general secretary
3) Fahmi Muhammad Baalawi, health officer
4) Mona Ata Talal, financial officer
5) Fayez Zaki Al-Hijri as a media official.. This was agreed between them regarding the selection of tasks..
** Mr. Ahmed Saad Al-Tamimi, Director General of the Book Printing Corporation in Hadhramaut Governorate, gave a speech to those present, during which he conveyed the congratulations and blessings of the Executive Director General, Dr. Fares Al-Saqqaf , wishing everyone luck and success in their union duties in a way that serves production and work in the organization..!!!

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