“Al-Saqqaf” at the headquarters of the Southern Journalists and Media Syndicate Written by Fawaz Al-Shaqra

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As part of its celebration of the 56th anniversary of the glorious National Independence Day, the Southern Journalists and Media Union organized an important symposium entitled “The Role of the Arab and International Thinker Prof. Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Saqqaf in Spreading Enlightenment Thought in Journalism.” He introduced the symposium with a welcoming speech. Aidroos Bahashwan, head of the Southern Journalists and Media Syndicate, welcomed all present.

This symposium is an opportunity to highlight the distinguished contributions of the outstanding Arab thinker, Prof. Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Saqqaf, in spreading Enlightenment thought through the media. An important scientific article was presented during the symposium by the researcher Najmi Abdel Majeed, head of the branch of the Union of Writers and Writers of the South, the capital, Aden. The scientific article touched on the role of the thinker Al-Saqqaf in promoting Enlightenment thought and its spread, either within southern society or at the level of the Arab world, and then the veteran journalist and researcher A. Razia Shamshir alluded to the role of the enlightened thought of Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Saqqaf, through which he created a new path in the world of thought.

In addition, the prominent writer Dr. Hisham Al-Saqqaf participated in the symposium with a distinguished intervention. In it, he presented his point of view and experience in the field of Enlightenment thought and the importance of the role of the thinker Al-Saqqaf as a journalist in spreading that thought.

It should be noted that the Southern Journalists and Media Union pays close attention to important national occasions such as the National Independence Day, because it aims, through these seminars, to raise awareness of the importance of enlightened thought and promote the values ​​of freedom. , democracy and social progress.

The role of Arab and international thinker Prof. Abu Bakr Al-Saqqaf in spreading Enlightenment thought as a journalist is a testimony of the great efforts he makes in educating society and developing Arab thought. This symposium comes as an important opportunity to celebrate his distinguished contributions and exchange opinions and experiences among the attendees.

The Southern Journalists and Media Syndicate is an important platform for exchanging ideas and opinions and promoting constructive dialogue in southern society. It always aims to enrich the media and intellectual scene and improve the role of journalism in spreading enlightenment thought and promoting the values ​​of freedom and progress.

It should be noted that the Southern Journalists and Media Union previously invited all members and interested parties to attend this important symposium and participate in strengthening the role of Enlightenment thought in society.

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