Al-Zuhri hands over the rehabilitation project of the performance square in Khor Maksar to the implementing agency

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By Imad Yasser Fakhr Al-Din /

This morning, the Director General of Khormaksar Directorate, Awas Al-Zuhri, together with the city engineer at the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), Ramses Younis, handed over the location of the parade arena in Khormaksar to the implementing agency . start the project to rehabilitate the platform and improve the surrounding spaces.

During the delivery of the flagship square rehabilitation project to the implementing party, Al-Zuhri emphasized the importance of implementing this project, which aims to improve the facade of the square and the general view of the surrounding spaces, and create lighting, walkways, landscaped areas, and safe spaces to provide an outlet for families and youth.

Emphasizing to the implementing agency the need to work in accordance with the prepared engineering studies and complete the project according to the duration agreed in the contract.

Noting that this square has a great place among the people of Khormaksar, Aden and the south as a whole, because of the national symbolism it carries in addition to being the front of the district and an outlet for all our people.

It should be noted that the rehabilitation project for the Khor Maksar Show Square is funded by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

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