Ambassador Bahmid: State institutions in Hadhramaut must be neutralized from the arena of politics and its disputes

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The Yemeni Ambassador to Malaysia, Adel Bahamid, spoke about the recent events in Hadhramaut Governorate.

Bahmid said in his post on the “X” platform that the unity of the Hadrami class and fabric requires standing with the symbols of Hadramaut and its legal persons against any targeting.”

He added: “Therefore, my solidarity is with my dear brother Sheikh Amr bin Habrish Al-Ali, and we must all demand the neutralization of state institutions from the arena of politics and their quarrels with our firm belief that no elder is above the .law.”

He added, “We must seek to unite ranks and bring viewpoints closer together through direct, frank and responsible dialogue.”

The Hadhramaut Governorate Appeals Prosecution summoned Sheikh Amr bin Habrish, the first agent of Hadhramaut and head of the tribal alliance, on charges of disturbing peace and security in the governorate.

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