And I would answer:| Dr. wrote. Marwan Al-Ghafouri

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Do you condemn what Hamas did on October 7?
And I would answer:
No one knows what happened that day. The Zionist narrative has no credibility. I will not take any moral position based on a story coming out of Netanyahu’s office.

The story of the unit collapsed in installments:
There are no headless children. No women were raped. Jewish survivors spoke to the media about “IDF shells” that rained down on them from the air and from the ground. Then, suddenly, the entity reduced its death toll from 1,400 to 1,200, as CNN reported, and refused to go into details.

The Israeli police, for their part, continued their investigations and revealed a hidden part of the story, as Haaretz reports:
Hamas was not aware of the concert, which was attended by more than 4,000 people. Palestinian militants targeted the Gaza Strip, took control of it, and disrupted its communications network. The Israeli pilots were unaware of what was really happening on the ground. Some of them admitted that they were bombed by accident, because they did not know who or what they hit. All they have is that there are attempts to “capture or kidnap Israelis” and that must be prevented. The charred bodies are the result of incendiary helicopter shells, and there is no other explanation for this.

In this way, the story is completed narratively and morally:

On October 1, 2023, Palestinian military formations attacked the Gaza Division, an Israeli military formation of three brigades on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip. The confrontation ended within hours, with the entire Gaza military division collapsing.

To save its reputation, the Israeli army first burned its own citizens, then burned the citizens of Gaza.

As for the above question, I will leave the answer to the satirical website The Onion, as it published a post on its X account saying:
The victims of Gaza died before we could ask them if they condemned what Hamas did against Israel!

This post, due to the intensity of its expression, shook the scientific community in America, especially after it was quoted by the editor of the prestigious scientific magazine eLife in a post on Twitter, who is Jewish by the way. Because of this, he lost his job, and the magazine was subjected to a terrible “academic” campaign.


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