Awareness lecture for employees of the Office of the Ministry of the Interior in Seiyun in the field of legal awareness

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Seiyun (Aden of Tomorrow) Ministry of Interior:

Today, Sunday, the Office of the Ministry of the Interior in the city of Sayun organized an awareness lecture in the field of “Law of Police Authority” as part of the awareness program (Security and Operational Discipline for Security Personnel) carried out by the Ministry under the auspices of His His Excellency the Minister of the Interior, Major General Ibrahim Ali Haidan.

At the beginning of the program, the Director General of the Office of the Minister of Interior, Brigadier General Dr. Bashir Al-Haddad, emphasized the importance of holding these lectures, which would increase the effectiveness of action in enforcing the law and preserving rights . and freedoms.

Brigadier General Al-Haddad added that legal awareness contributes to raising the legal and police cultural level of non-commissioned officers and members of the interior and enables them to fulfill the tasks and duties assigned to them to the fullest, underlining the need for Interior personnel to be role models in adherence to the laws and their controls.

In turn, the Director of the Office of the Inspector General, Colonel Abdul Qadir Al-Dais, explained in the lecture that he presented names, definitions and compositions of the police force.

Colonel Al-Dais provided a detailed explanation of the duties and powers of the Police Authority and the importance of commitment and discipline in implementing them by Ministry employees.

Al-Dais concluded his lecture by speaking about the Supreme Police Council, its functional structure, the tasks assigned to it in terms of appointments, ranks, records, reports, and the conditions and powers for granting various promotions.

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