Director of the Testing Department at the Aden Education Office: We are striving to follow up with those whose names have been removed from the test lists.

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Aden (Aden of tomorrow) Riad Sharaf:

The Director of the Testing Department at the Office of Education in the capital, Aden, Basil Muhammad Salem Wadi, confirmed that the administration is monitoring the omission of the names of schoolchildren from the test lists, and follow-up of students or parents has been prevented until the correction is made by the school or the heads of the test administration departments in the boards.

Wadi added: “In this regard, we went to the education offices in the boards and met with all the computer officers with the aim of creating a program to unify grade transcripts for grades 1 to 12. There was satisfaction and agreement from everyone about this program, and a circular has been issued to deliver grade monitoring transcripts on dates that coincide with Ministry dates.

The director of the department of examinations in the capital, Aden, indicated that the administration has a project for this year, which is to complete and examine the observation note sheets, convert them to a PDF program and publish them in all the boards according to theirs. schools, and give a period of two weeks to review any error in the notes or omission of the transcripts, so that we avoid imbalances. Which happened the previous year…and all these steps were encouraged by the Director of the Education Office. in the county and the Head of the Division of Curriculum and Guidance, thanks to the unlimited cooperation of the officials of the Testing Department.

Regarding the difficulties facing the examination administration, Basil Wadi said: “We are facing difficulties in the financial aspect, because the examination administration has not provided financial incentives so that work can continue after work so that the work of the examination committees is carried out accurately and quickly. We are also facing the difficulty of moving to the boards for the purpose of follow-up due to the lack of availability.” Our own means of transportation. There is also a room for filing paper records, but it is not suitable. for filing due to the decay and lack of shelves and the presence of the “earth” insect. The administrative bathrooms are also not usable, and among the difficulties are constant power outages and the lack of solar energy supply.. There are promises. to save energy. Al-Shamsa from the director of the education office in the governorate, who pays particular attention to the test administration and constantly follows the work with us and gives directions in accordance with the management plan

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