Gaza people and the absence of conscience and feeling Sami Al-Saghir wrote

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What is happening in Palestine, especially Gaza, in relation to genocide, killing, devastation and destruction of the homeland and people, is considered a crime.
It is unparalleled over time
The Zionist entity destroyed everything, people, stones, trees and animals, killing children, women and the elderly, attacking hospitals and health centers, killing doctors and workers in them, and demolishing homes over the heads of their inhabitants.
He attacked international laws, regulations and decisions in the midst of Arab, Islamic and international silence

The conscience of the Arab and Muslim nation has died, and the global human conscience has died
Where is the UN Security Council and where is the International Criminal Court?
Where is the League of Arab and Islamic States?
Where is the Gulf Cooperation Council?
Where is the role of international organizations in what is happening in Gaza?
Where is the Human Rights Organization, the Motherhood and Childhood Organization and other international organizations?

We don’t blame the West, but we blame the Arab rulers?
We have not heard from the rulers of Arab and Muslim countries condemnation and mobilization for the human massacres and genocide against civilians in the West Bank, Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and every inch of the land of Palestine.

Is the state of Palestine not Arab, Arabs?
The massacres that we are witnessing are serious, chilling to the bones and awaken pain, heartbreak and sadness, due to the terrible silence of the rulers of those countries who are subject to and accustomed to the Israeli-Zionist-American occupation.
They are the rulers of the Arabs, and alas!

Today the Palestinian people are collapsing into death, destruction, hunger and displacement
And our Arab rulers are watching
We, as Arab and Muslim peoples, watch through satellite channels and various media what the Zionist occupation is doing to the Palestinian people without these sad and painful scenes stirring our feelings and emotions.

In conclusion, I hope and direct my message to the Arab and Muslim nation in general and its rulers
Its men, its people, the imams of its mosques, and all Arab and Muslim social groups, stand together and unite the efforts made to support and champion the Palestinian cause and force the Zionist-American occupation to end this war against those people.
They are our Arab Palestinian brothers, because we are Arabs, Arabs
Do we move our feelings and emotions and put pressure on our Arab rulers through demonstrations, protests and massive public demands, as well as through our message through the mass media and various media?
we hope so

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