Google is improving Play Store security to keep malware-laden apps off Android phones

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created Google Interface user new For a store play, so to appear Screenshots the screen leaked that it maybe requires of some Users Android Confirmation of Their identity And method paying used For operations the purchase inside Application.

And it can use the information that It was completed Confirmation Of which To be sure of unless stand up the user on road The mistake By installation application what in the future At a price flamboyant, or to stabilize application charger With programs Harmful on road The mistake.

factual road example, maybe For users Android to choose to ask Confirmation of everyone Operations the purchase that done of while store Google Play using fingerprint finger or to identify on the face.

It will be i have Users option addition preferences Authentication using Advantages safety Android included, And check of Applications And a device the user using Play Protect, And insurance Operations the purchase that done your store play on road addition preferences paying.

It was completed Preparation phone Android private with you with enable Settings occasion, It is possible turning off download of store play on Immediately while practical Installation if It was completed discovery Programs Harmful.

in the month the past, appeared Settings feature it is called Android Safe Browsing Who of Like her Notification Users By threat in the time factual while Browse them For the Internet. And it has to become this Part of Google Play Protect.

while waiting Google to do Improvements the desire For a store play formal, maybe For users that They ask Authentication everyone Operations the purchase that done on store play And it can For Google Play Protect, like We mentioned before, to examine Applications existing on your phone Search on Programs Harmful.


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