Governor Lamlas reviews the work progress of the General Authority for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control

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Today, Sunday, the Minister of State, Governor of the capital, Aden, was informed about the progress of work in the General Authority for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control in Aden.

Lamlas emphasized, during a visit he made to the headquarters of the Authority, where he was received by the General Director of the Authority, Hadid Almas, and his deputy, Walid Al-Sheikh, the need to fully activate the role of the Authority to fulfill all the requirements and needs, and the importance of providing the necessary laboratory devices, equipment and machines for examination and to perform all the tasks and everything necessary to work. According to the system and the law.

During the visit, Lamlas discussed mechanisms for an urgent response to issues that affect the local community and treat them with responsibility and care, noting that the Authority is the trusted guardian of society, and must be fully prepared to fulfill its duty fully.

Lamlas toured a number of offices and departments of the Authority, including the warehouse, laboratories and available testing equipment, and heard from the Director of the Authority a comprehensive explanation of the roles played by the Authority, in addition to the needs necessary to develop the Authority. work and raise the level of the Authority’s work.

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