He who is safe from punishment misbehaves.| Written by Jaber Awad Irfan

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The abuses that people are subjected to in Aden by individuals and officers of the security authorities are very numerous.
The silence of the political and military leadership and their failure to take the necessary measures against these people made them go further and further.
What happened to one of the mobile phone shop owners was just the tip of the iceberg, and what was hidden was bigger… because one of the emergency commandos organized an extortion operation against one of the mobile phone shop owners, giving him the choice of giving him a mobile phone or prison.
This is a crime, and what is even more criminal is that this leader was not subject to any legal responsibility and his leadership did not take any legal measures.
What did they leave to the criminal gangs, because they practiced gang actions under a security guise, taking advantage of their positions and influence?
The presence of these people on these security sites is a disaster by any standards.
They must be referred to legal responsibility, imprisoned according to the law, and then withdrawn from rank and dismissed definitively, as a legal procedure, and so that they can be an example to those who are tempted to exploit their position and influence to suppress. people, blackmail them, and rob them of their rights.
They left nothing behind that necessitated their stay as representatives of a security body whose tasks are to control and protect citizens and private and public property.
Such people are not qualified to fulfill the security duty, and they are not aware of the sanctity of this work. In fact, they have even been deprived of their conscience, humanity and spirit of responsibility.
The ball is now in the court of Al-Zubaidi, a member of the Governing Council and of the Aden security leadership. They are responsible before God and before the people, and they must quickly take the necessary measures, unless the shameful silence is proof , that they are the ones who gave the green light to these security leaders, to practice gang actions, taking advantage of their influence and security positions. .
Under their supervision, this phenomenon spread, and the security authorities in Aden began to practice the work of gangs with all ease, without fear of any supervisor or accountant.
Al-Zubaidi’s silence about what is happening is an acknowledgment that the region is above the law and above the interests of the nation and the citizen.
What happened is not an easy thing, and Al-Zubaidi and the Aden security leadership must absorb the anger of the Aden street, improve their images, discourage these people and hold them accountable publicly.

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