How wonderful you hypocrites are!!!| Dr. wrote. Awad Ahmed Al-Alqami

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Perhaps whoever reads the history of the hypocrites, or any of its pages, will find that they are similar and even identical in everything, no matter how many times or places. Their behavior is the same behavior, their approach is the same approach, their words and actions are almost repetitive and repetitive, except for their thinking, which is identical in everything. Let’s take some examples – from the past and the present – so that the matter becomes closer to the reader and more likely to be understood.
In the Battle of Badr, the hypocrites said: What about us fighting outside Medina? We agreed to prevent Muhammad if the polytheists attacked him at his home in Yathrib, and after they had despaired of dissuading Muhammad from going to Badr, they again said: How could Muhammad risk a few hundred, mostly slaves and oppressed people, in his face of the polytheists of Quraish, whose army was three times the size of the army?Muhammad, and they are all knights? Perhaps what today’s hypocrites say is no different from what their predecessors said, because they repeat what was said as their saying: How can the Palestinian jihadi factions, with a few hundreds or thousands, whose weapons are primitive and who suffer difficulties. economic circumstances, risk provoking an invincible army of the crushing crusaders and Zionist monsters? The hypocrites add: What the Qassam Brigades are doing is like an oyster attacking itself.
How strange you are, O hypocrites! You see and hear how the Mujahideen believers confront the arrogant, aggressive, usurping Zionists in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem, southern Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. They rub their noses in the Zionist. enemy every day, and destroy the strongholds of its chief supporter, and the adoptive guardian of that cursed bastard…for the rest of the discussion.Dear readers….

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