In a new Yemeni achievement…international Anas Balala reaches the fourth place among the Arabs in the bodybuilding championship in Alexandria

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The international star Hadrami, captain Anas Balala, a player of the Yemeni bodybuilding team, reached the fourth place in the twenty-third Arab Bodybuilding Championship, which takes place in the city of Alexandria, the Arab Republic of Egypt, for the period of 17-19. November, to be among the six ranked Arab champions for the year 2023 in the “Physical” category, height 172, which They were honored tonight on the championship platform at the Sheraton Hotel.
Dr. Muhammad Al-Jawfi, President of the Yemen Federation for Bodybuilding, congratulated the leadership of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, represented by the Minister, Mr. Naif Al-Bakri, and the leadership of the Federation and the Yemeni masses because of that. an unprecedented achievement in the game, which was deprived of achievements and reaping gold at the Arab and international levels for twenty years, only to return to the hands of the brilliant and creative Bilal again. The flag of Yemen was raised high on the gold and crowning . platform
Al-Jawfi called on the leadership of the Ministry and Hadramaut to honor the Yemeni player, Captain Anas Balala, pay the travel expenses and tournament expenses that the player paid at his own expense, and continue to provide all care and support to this young man. a star that is rising strongly on the field of the game.
The Yemeni champion, Balala, took the fourth place among the 100 most Arab players representing 15 countries with the participation of an international jury.
The player Balaa received a call from Ambassador Khaled Bahaj, the Yemeni ambassador in Egypt, in which he congratulated him on this achievement and initially prepared to receive him in the embassy to honor him.
He also received a call from Sheikh Omar Babtain, head of Toshi Babtain Sweets Company Egypt, the sponsor of part of his participation, expressing his and all Yemenis’ pride in this important national achievement.
The Hadrama Forum in Egypt, led by Mr. Sabri Bin Makhashin, provided some cars to the Association of Fans to support and support the star Balaa on Sunday morning, which constituted a strong motivation to achieve this great national achievement.

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