It’s been closed for years… The Cleanup Fund is removing the trash from Automated Issue Street and bringing it back to life.

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By Adnan Al-Jaafari
After the Automated Emission Street in the Khor Maksar District remained closed for years due to large amounts of construction waste and the interests of the citizens were interrupted in it, the crews of the Cleanup and Urban Improvement Fund carried out a broad campaign targeting the general line that connects the Victory Tour, passing through the Automated Emission Line to the traffic intersection with the Ring Line, and during the campaign The work teams were able to open the street and revive it using a shovel, straw, straw, and 4 dumpers.
Khalil Muqbil, Director of the Department of Evaluation and Follow-up, said that the campaign was carried out under the supervision of the Minister of State and Governor of the Governor, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, and with the follow-up of Engineer Qaid Rashid. Anam, General Director of the Cleaning Fund, which resulted in success with the cooperation of the local authority in the district, and the leadership of the Special Forces Camp and the Storm Camp, to welcome the campaign and facilitate the work and relocation of Cement barriers on the sides of the road.
During his inspection of the progress of the campaign, engineer Qaid Rashid, Director General of the Cleanup Fund, directed the implementation of a sweeping and spraying campaign on Al-Issard Automated Street, after it was liquidated with heavy equipment, so that it appeared. in an aesthetic appearance that suits its status, indicating that the Cleaning Fund is in full swing in opening and cleaning the closed streets. Periodically, so that the general public can benefit from it, because it reduces the congestion between motorists and passers-by, because the street has a strategic location that connects the movement of citizens to some government facilities such as the automated emission building, the prosecution, traffic, and others.
It is worth noting that the Cleaning Fund has recently been able to make many efforts to improve the cleaning service in the capital, Aden, including strengthening the equipment fleet with other equipment that adds to the expansion of work transporting construction waste from important streets, and to keep with the waste production of homes, which increases from time to time due to the expansion. The urban development witnessed significantly in the county.

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