Martyr Brigadier General Muhammad Ali Al-Sini, icon of struggle Written by Ibrahim Al-Otri

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When great men depart, hearts are saddened by their departure, for they are the protectors of the nation, its solid pillar, and the safety valve for its values ​​and principles, which elevate it to the ranks of immortal nations with important contributions to the life of the humanity Today we do not mourn an ordinary man, a passing man, or even one of the symbols of the nation stretching from ocean to ocean, and the heroic martyr, Brigadier General Muhammad Ali Al-Sini, Director General of Speculation and Disgrace, former Director. General of Financial Resources in Lahj Governorate, member of the Advisory Board of the Southern Transitional Council, one of those great people who were the first generation and the vanguard of the revolution. Publisher… Where the heroic martyr, Muhammad Ali Al-Sini, played a prominent role in confronting the occupation and eliminating injustice and persecution from the early dawn, and he was an example to be copied in vigor, activity and national determination. From his beginning, he was passionate about loving his homeland and its people. , and he worked with all love and loyalty to the motherland without discrimination. He spent his life serving the nation, between civil and military life, full of love and patriotic giving. From the beginning of his basic education to secondary to academic, he embodied the role of loyalty, renunciation and sincerity of belonging to the motherland. He transitioned to military life to occupy a number of leadership positions in the former southern army, then joined the military college in the Yemeni army. He later transitioned to the Southern Popular Movement demanding independence, which was triggered on July 7, 2007, after one of the senior founding leaders of the Southern Military Retired Association appeared in the Mudaraba and Al-Ara District, and his role was honorable in restoring the board standing in the political arrangement.

The pioneering combat role of the heroic martyr, Muhammad Ali Abdullah Al-Sini Al-Alqami Al-Subaihi, represents the model of giving, sacrifice and national redemption at the level of Lahj Governorate in particular and the south in general. What are those sacrifices, national roles and gigantic political attitudes, but they are the icon of a struggle that was and will remain throughout history, an eyewitness for future generations after History has immortalized it with pages of light, from the peaceful fields of struggle to the military battlefronts. to the departments of state facilities management, the reconstruction of what was destroyed by war, the creation of a sustainable development environment, and a fundamental, fruitful idea characterized by wisdom, flexibility and love of goodness for all.

The martyr, heroic fighter, Brigadier General Muhammad Ali Al-Sini, Director General of Mudaraba and Al-Ara, former Director General of Financial Resources, member of the Advisory Committee of the Southern Transitional Council, played a pivotal role in serving the Board, through effort of his mental, psychological, social, cultural and political skills, bringing joy and happiness to the smiling mouth of the Directorate after years of woe. And the devastation suffered by the people of the district during the reign of the occupation.

The heroic martyr, Brigadier General Muhammad Ali Al-Sini, former Director General of Mudaraba and Al-Ara, provided the Director with excellent and high-quality services after he was able to embody the brotherly and humanitarian spirit and proved to the community his wonderful. administrative successes and fruitful charitable works according to his available abilities and possible opportunities for him to deliver his excellent services. His efforts were not limited to Area in itself, but it included all the centers of the Directorate, according to his righteous vision and his high determination to deliver humanitarian assistance to all areas of the Board without exception.

Today, as we celebrate the first commemoration for the heroic martyr, freedom fighter Muhammad Ali Al-Sini, we hold those brotherly attitudes towards him, through which we draw lessons and lessons to reveal in them the essence of the true qualities of people rooted in him . the depths of nobility, generosity and generosity.

Although the death of our heroic martyr, the Chinese brigadier general, was cruel, God wanted us to be patient with these painful fates after God allowed them to take his pure soul as a result of the bullet of treachery and reckless folly that killed many , many. of his honorable comrades with his size of solid steel.

This terrible news has affected our hearts, and this tragic death has left a great void in the national and Arab national arena. We can only say what pleases our Lord, Glory be to Him, the Most High. We ask Him, Glory to our Sir; to Him, the Most High, to cover him with vast mercy and forgiveness, to dwell in His vast gardens and inspire his family and loved ones with patience and comfort. We belong to God and to Him we will return, and there is no power or force except Of God Almighty.

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