Meeting of the leadership of the General Retirement Administration at the Ministry of the Interior to discuss the work of the Foundation for the year 2024

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Aden (Aden of Tomorrow) Ministry of Interior:

A meeting held today, in the temporary capital, Aden, led by the Director General of the Security Retirement Fund at the Ministry of the Interior, Brigadier General Naif Al-Hamidi, discussed the level of work efficiency in the Fund during the last stage, and the efforts to prepare and develop the Foundation’s plans for the coming year 2024 AD

The meeting, which included the directors of departments at the Security Retirement Fund, began with a welcoming speech by Brigadier General Naif Al-Hamidi, during which he thanked His Excellency the Minister of the Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, for gaining his confidence in appointing him to this position, because this department is considered one of the most important departments in the ministry, because it is the basic pillar of the ministry’s work, in facilitating and facilitating the payment of retirees’ salaries and solving outstanding problems , emphasizing the activation. of the tasks and powers of the General Administration of the Retirement and Security Investment Fund, which is one of the sources supporting the institutional building of the Ministry of the Interior in the areas authorized to it according to the regulatory regulations of the Security Retirement Fund Law. and activate all the departments and services that it should perform. The Foundation, whose mission during the previous stages was limited to how to pay salaries, will go beyond that to make the most possible efforts to activate and provide all the services to the Security Retirement Fund. to take care of retirees, the families of martyrs and the dead, and employees of the Ministry in general.

The meeting also discussed the work reports of the Foundation, and the mechanisms and controls that everyone must join in order to continue the successes and restore the pioneering role of the Foundation, which is one of the basic pillars of the Ministry in the service of the segment . of families of martyrs and pensioners.

Brigadier General Al-Humaidi praised the efforts of the previous leadership of the Security Retirement Fund and the successes it achieved during the last period, emphasizing the need for everyone’s effort to join forces, work in a single team spirit, and everyone’s commitment to the tasks. and responsibilities entrusted to them to achieve the desired goals.

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