Minister of State: I thought that Brigadier General Tariq Saleh would discuss the issue of sanctions against “Ahmed Ali” and others… but?

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The Minister of State and Secretary of the Capital in the Yemeni government, Major General Abdul-Ghani Jamil, commented on the failure of a member of the Presidential Leadership Council, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, to discuss the sanctions imposed on “Ahmed Ali Saleh” and some loyal national leaders at the Presidential Council table.

Jamil said in his post on the “X” platform: We thought that Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, a member of the Leadership Council, would put the issue of the sanctions issued against the martyr leader and some loyal Yemeni leaders on the council’s agenda. to discuss it, and in turn, they would write a letter to the Security Council reviewing the decision and demanding its cancellation because it is an unjust decision. And Kidia.”

He added, “But unfortunately, he appeared to us with a tweet as if he were a political activist, which shocked his supporters and supporters who had put their hopes in him and thought he would achieve many things, whether in the political or military field. . It’s a lot of talk, and I’ll have enough with this.”

Last week, the United Nations Security Council (#UNSC) unanimously voted to renew the sanctions imposed on Yemen for a year.

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution No. 2675, according to which it renewed the sanctions regime on Yemen.

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