New details about the expected changes in the design of the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Leaks continue to reveal the design features and specifications of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 series, and in the latest leaks, the expected changes in the design of the Galaxy S24 Ultra phone have been revealed.

Many previous reports have confirmed that the next generation of Galaxy S phones will not bring major changes in design from the current versions of the Galaxy S23 series.

New video leaks have come via “Ice Universe” to reveal the design of the screen protection layer on the Galaxy S24 phones.

The image confirmed that the Galaxy S24 phones have the same distinctive design as previous versions, especially in the main version and the Plus version, because these versions have rounded corners.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 Ultra phone appears with a sharp design in the corners, while the new version differs in the edges of the screen, which is characterized by a curved design in the previous Ultra version, but the new version comes with a flatter design at the edges

The images also confirm that all Samsung versions of the Galaxy S24 series have identical edges around the screen on each side, which is characterized by a very thin design compared to the previous generation.

The images also reveal that the Galaxy S24 phone has a slightly larger screen size, with a longer and thinner design, while other versions come with a thicker design, which has been confirmed by previous reports.


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