Oh, the time of wonders!| Written by Saleh Mubarak Al-Gharabi

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The great poet Khaled Al-Faisal was not wrong when he addressed his time in question, when he said above: Oh, the time of wonders. After what appeared today, we are surprised and even hit with a great shock that we did not . wait at all, and it is one of the wonders of this time, but rather one of the wonders of this defining moment in the modern history of Hadhramaut.

Whoever is loyal to Hadhramaut and follows the approach and behavior of those who preceded him from his family, who were unparalleled in loyalty to Hadhramaut until they arose as martyrs for their love and loyalty to Hadhramaut and left, the departure of those loyal. to their land, and with their departure, they were considered a beacon by which we can be guided both way and way to restoration of rights.

Today, the young Sheikh Amr bin Habrish is this boy who showed his love and adherence to his land, the land of Hadhramaut, and was the first to rid it of the injustice and oppression that befell it, of which every Hadrami was damaged

Today Amr is accused of disturbing security and public peace?! What a ridiculous accusation, which will not deceive anyone, especially us Hadhramis, who know Amr and his orientations, which have become clear to all, that is, that Hadhramout should be safe and stable and that it should obtain its rights undiminished, and that the past plunder of the gifts from this blessed country should be enough. This is not surprising because of the fastest and earliest error. Time for this ridiculous and dishonest accusation.

Where were you when Amr was at the front of the ranks in the liberation of the Hadhramaut coast, and he knew that he would meet certain death, yet he refused to be at the front for the liberation and expulsion of the occupiers with all their names, the base and the raiding and plundering gangs.. u the land has aeted you during that time, and today I show you so that you can trade in Accusing the loyal and loyal men of Hadramaut. The misfortune is that the accusation cannot be understood by the mind of a man with full mental faculties. Look for any other accusation than this, and you may meet some fools who will believe you about it. For that, swallow it and drink its water.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Amr and some honorable people from Hadhramout, we would have remained under the rule of the invading gangs who plundered the resources of our country. Is this the man’s reward for your foolish ideas and attitudes?

You may disagree with Amr, and this is what is happening, and this has made you so big and unacceptable, but if the disagreement is based on all kinds of bare accusations, then this is what we reject and all Hadramis reject.

If you are negligent and unaware of some things and ignore what you do not know, we advise you to stay away from Amr, and if you want to respond to our advice to you to stay away, Amr is protected by all the sons of Hadhramaut. and they will not leave him. How then can they leave one who showed his love to Hadhramaut in the darkest circumstances and walked a path full of dangers and did not? She was not furnished with roses until you came today with her cold and cold and accused? the man of what he was not.

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