Our football teams Written by Ahmed Al-Abd Al-Haj

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Brothers of the technical committee in the federation, the sports street is a good follower of the round-robin matches and international teams, and also follows with interest through the sports channels the analysis of analysts on those round-robin and international matches. Certainly, the sports street now had a sports culture and a vision that understands the views it expresses about our teams and the response of every player in the national teams!!

Some of the national team players seem to be selected because they are professionals only, while their performance on the field does not qualify them to wear the national team jersey. Is there anyone who tracks their performance with the clubs they play in professionally? Likewise, some of the other options have very poor returns!!

All this leads us to the conclusion that you in the technical committee, after each participation, do not evaluate the level of the team as a whole or the level of each player individually!!

What prompted us to say that is to repeat the same performance for the team and the same performance for the players, which will remain a secret for you, as long as the evaluation is only ink on paper, although I doubt that a real evaluation is done. correct the sports situation to provide the best, otherwise this dull image of the team would not be repeated, and we always try to look for them. Sorry, but how long!!

The Technical Committee, believe me, there is no harm in raising your voices at full strength during your discussion and evaluation of each participation as long as it corrects the mistakes. Do we hope you will?!

Tomorrow we will soon see it!!

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