Overflowing sewage in the October neighborhood of Khormaksar district threatens the health of citizens

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Written by journalist Muhammad Al-Ammari

The October neighborhood in Khormaksar District is witnessing a serious problem related to sewage, which has become redundant and poses a threat to the health of citizens. Without an answer received from the relevant authorities, citizens express their dissatisfaction and demand from the local council to intervene urgently to solve this problem.

For a long time, citizens informed the relevant authorities about a problem in the sewage network in the October neighborhood, but they did not find a meaningful answer. Despite repeated complaints and appeals, they did not get any real action to solve the problem.

In the light of this situation, citizens sent a message to the director of Khormaksar Director, urging him to intervene urgently and take radical solutions to the sewage problem. Ignoring this problem can worsen the situation and endanger the health of citizens.

In addition, citizens call the Office of Water and Sanitation regularly and immediately to siphon the sewage. Leaving the sewers without maintenance and cleaning will aggravate the problem and threaten the health of citizens with many infectious diseases.

The relevant authorities must bear their responsibility to solve this problem and provide a safe, healthy environment for citizens. The local council and the water and sanitation office should immediately work to deal with the overflowing sewers and clean them periodically.

There must also be a real commitment by the relevant authorities to meet the needs of citizens and address health problems that threaten their lives. The health of citizens must be a top priority, and basic health services must be fully and efficiently provided.

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