Professor Badib: Registration for the Patient Safety Conference exceeded 500 people within 24 hours

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Professor Ahmed Mohamed Badhib, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Real and Expected International Patient Safety Conference, made a press statement in which he indicated that the number of people registered for the conference exceeded 500 individuals, within less than 24 hours from the a moment the electronic registration process started with the link announced for the conference.

He stated that this is a clear indication that health personnel understand the importance of this vital issue. Global statistics indicate that 10% of patients receiving health care are exposed to harm due to unsafe care.

Professor Badib emphasized that the objectives of the conference are to ensure that the medical services given to patients are of high quality and at the same time safe medical services, explaining that preparations for the conference are going according to plan. All committees work at a high speed and in one team spirit.

Professor Badib thanked everyone for all the efforts they are making to make the conference a success.

It should be noted that the conference will begin its work on December 23 and will continue until December 25. In the city of Mukalla. The deadline for submitting research papers will close on November 30, God willing.

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