Radfan’s people’s revolution gave birth to parties that do not accept government decisions Written by Radfan Muhammad Fadl Al-Halmi

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Yes, the two rears of the revolution and its four governing bodies. Our present is parties. We do not accept decisions outside of the affiliation, and one day we will fight for clouds in the sky in the wind.

The decision of the General Director of Radfan, Mishal Al-Daari, is rejected and unacceptable. Who rejected the decision? Isn’t Mishal from Radfan and why do these parties support belonging to it?

The decision of Antar Al-Hawshabi, General Director of Al-Mallah District, was rejected. Why does the rejection stop in the decisions? Against the local authority or against the announced decision?

The revolution produced a component that binds the people and the families of the martyrs to hatred that lead the Radvanian revolution to tribal war and the growth of parties and peoples that do the destruction of the country in all the important foundations of life.

Both you and I are from Radafan, or from dreamers, or from Habeel Jabr, or from the seas, we do not live life and freedom, you are forced to participate in parties and harm your society between ignorance and stupidity, and we share the spilled blood. We have always come to reject the decisions of the state and the government and accept the opinion of a component unanimously agreed upon by limited people, which builds the emerging dynasty. What differs is the tendency towards organizations and components, parties. fighting over time, and the arrival is when we accept consciousness, culture or civilization, so that we can celebrate the history of the Radfan Revolution in several Suicide Dates, of Raddan, of Raddan.

May God reconcile the relationship, and I ask God for guidance, help and security for the Arab nation and the southern people.

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