Rights Radar calls for a transparent investigation into the death of a kidnapped person under torture in Sana’a prisons

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Specialty:

The human rights organization “Rights Radar” called on the office of the UN envoy to pressure the Houthi group to conduct a transparent investigation into the death of the kidnapped Ezz al-Din al-Habji, who died in one of its prisons in Sanaa as a result of brutal torture to which he was subjected during a period of detention.

The organization said that the family of the kidnapper rejects any Houthi account of the reasons for his death, which they claim were natural, despite the signs of torture that he was subjected to on his body.

The organization renewed its appeal to the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, to play a serious role in reducing the crimes of murder by torture, the price of which is paid by victims of prisoners, abductees and those detained in mysterious circumstances.

Sources reported the sudden death of Izz al-Din Saleh al-Habji in Houthi prisons 14 months after his kidnapping, which brings the number of deaths in Houthi prisons of kidnapped persons to more than 350 Yemenis since 2015, according to previous government and human rights reports

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