Sorry, the premature babies of Gaza.| Written by Harbi Al-Subaihi

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Sorry, the premature children of Gaza. Perhaps the mothers’ bellies could not – because of the terror, hunger, siege and fire – hold you, so you left in search of a safe, warm place to complete what was missing from your growing days, but you have fallen – and this is your fate and destiny – into the grip of a brutal, racist Zionist enemy. He is careless, afraid of you and terrified of you. He does not see you as premature as you, but rather finds in you: (Salah al- Din, Abu Ammar, Ahmed Yassin, al-Qassam, and al-Sanwar).

Sorry, the premature children of Gaza. You thought you would find someone outside your mothers’ placentas to take care of you, protect you from danger, ward off evil and prevent evil. But your people, to whom you are related by blood. , sweat, and Islam, have failed you and abandoned you, because they are tamed and have no soul, and those who stand against them do not have the courage to dare and face them. The premature decisions and positions hide in the nurseries of the obedience , humiliation and shame.

Sorry, the premature children of Gaza, you have forcibly surrendered your souls to their Creator, as martyrs of a shameful and shameful international silence. It is enough for you that you have exposed the nakedness of its fake regime, and that its departments and organizations are just shiny names with empty content. They were not established to serve humanity, as are their false slogans, as much as they are cheap tools in the service of their patron. He controls it as he wants for his own interests. You have exposed. its lies have exposed its truth, and the naive person knows that they are only obedient tools in the hands of the powerful, who stand with the strong oppressor and not with the weak oppressed.

Sorry, the premature children of Gaza. Your departure in that disgusting and humiliating way was painful and distressing, leaving deep scars and deep wounds in the souls, but it is enough for you, beloved of God, that the curse of history will remain alive. on the forehead of all mankind until the Day of Judgment.

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