The Abyan Endowments Office conducts a field visit to the Al-Abadil Endowment land to identify the attacks affecting the endowment land.

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Zanzibar (Aden of Tomorrow) Khaled Abbad

This morning, the Office of Foundations and Leadership in Abyan Governorate made a trip to the land of the foundation, the Al-Abadil Foundation, to identify the ongoing attacks affecting the lands.

Abdul Khaleq Al-Kazmi, Director of the Fame Department at the Abyan Endowments Office, and Brother Waheed Makrad, went to discuss the Al-Abadil Endowment after the tenant submitted complaints about an attack on the endowment land.

For his part, the Director General of the Office of Foundations and Leadership in Abyan, Sheikh Abdul Malik Abdul Halim Talib, warned anyone who dares to attack the endowed lands that he will be exposed to legal action.

Sheikh Abdul Malik called on all relevant parties to stand with the Office of Endowments and Guidance in Abyan against anyone who tries to abuse or attack the lands of the endowments.

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