The Director General of Al-Musaimeer Directorate receives the new President of the Al-Musaimeer Court

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Lahj (Aden of Tomorrow) special

As part of his efforts to promote the plans and programs of the Al-Musaimeer District, including the judicial matter, which represents an important lifeline in the lives of citizens in the district. This morning, Sheikh Hamim Muhammad Saeed Al-Hushbi, Director General of the Al-Musaimeer District, President of the Local Council, received brother Judge Khaled Mohsen Ali, President of the new Al-Musaimeer Court, which was transferred. The Direction is part of the judicial movement followed in the judicial branch.

During the reception, we sat and met with Judge Khaled, the head of the new Al-Musaimeer Court, in the seat of the Al-Musaimeer Court, warmly welcoming him and wishing him success in all the legal tasks entrusted to him to serve the citizen Al-Musaimeer and solve all his problems and problems easily and conveniently, away from the complexity and routine of what this important sector represents. There is peace and love in the country and the return of things to their legal and legal order with the wisdom of the judiciary and the judges, who represent the elite of society and carry upon themselves the most difficult, most important and honorable profession, which is the legal profession.

Judge Khaled, the new president of the court, reassured that the local authority in Al-Musaimeer District will be supportive, conservative and guardian of this great profession in all circumstances.

On the other hand, Brother Judge Khaled Mohsen, President of the New Al-Musaimeer Court, thanked and appreciated the efforts of the brother, General Director of the Al-Musaimeer District, Head of the Local Council, for the good reception and warm welcome. , and this is neither strange nor new for the people of Al-Musaimeer in particular and the Al-Hawashib in general, stressing that he will make all the problems of citizens in the district one of his most important priorities. He will spare no effort to advance the plans and programs of the judicial affairs in the Directorate and strive to improve and develop them

The welcoming session was attended by some members of the administrative office in Al-Musaimeer District

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