The Director of Industry and Commerce in the capital, Aden, directs the ban on the sale of products with the colors of the LGBT flag and logo.

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This morning, the Director General of the Office of Industry and Trade in the temporary capital, Aden, Dr. Sufyan Qasim Thabet, published three memorandums on the ban on the sale of goods and food and consumer goods bearing the LGBT flag and logo.

The first three memoranda were directed to the directors of the offices of industry and commerce in the boards regarding products bearing the LGBT flag consisting of six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and iris), underlining the continuation of coming out and coordinating with the general directors of the boards to all stores of food and consumer goods to capture the goods bearing The LGBT flag and logo, although consisting of three or four colors.

Dr. Sufyan also directed the second and third memoranda to both the Commander of the Security Zone Forces, Brigadier General Jalal Al-Rubaie, and the Commander of the Forces of the Aden Capital, Brigadier General Naji Al-Yahri, to cooperate and prevent the entry of products bearing the LGBT flag and logo, even if they consist of three or four colors.

Dr. Sufyan Qasim Thabet confirmed that the office in the capital, Aden, will not be gentle with those who dare to violate the circular of the office, stressing that all businessmen must observe and observe what was stated in the circular for not to disclose themselves to legal proceedings and their goods to seizure and destruction.

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