The Director of the Youth and Sports Office in Abyan meets with the President and members of the Chess Federation in the county.

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Today, the Director General of the Youth and Sports Office in the county, Captain Ahmed Al-Rai, met with the leadership of the chess federation in the county, led by Captain Alaa Bahakar, and some players participating in the World Amateur Championship. held by the Sultanate of Oman.

In the meeting, the sponsor and the participants welcomed the international championship, congratulating them for the great achievement they have achieved in the field of chess. The sponsor also praised the great role and efforts made by the leadership of the Chess Federation in the County Abyan, and indicated that the Office of Youth and Sports in the county will support and encourage you in some local events. Or external.

On his part, the head of the chess federation in the county, Captain Alaa Bahakir, confirmed that the achievement and victory achieved by the players of Abyan Governorate in the game of chess comes with the encouragement of the leadership of the county, represented by Major. General Abu Bakr Hussein Salem, governor of the county, as well as the Youth Fund in their support and support of the players in local and international participations.

It is clear that the international tournament included strong players from countries with high skills, but our players were able to prove to everyone that they are equals to be reckoned with despite the scarcity of skills.

The meeting was attended by Captain Wajdi Mahdi, Activity Officer at the Youth and Sports Office, Mr. Ali Ibrahim, Secretary General of the Chess Federation, Mr. Yasser Haitham, the Financial Officer of the Chess Federation, and sports personality Abdullah Sinan.

*By Ibtisam Al-Nasser

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