The Family Mediation Group is launching its awareness initiative in Sira District

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Aden (Aden of Tomorrow) Riad Sharaf

The Family Mediation Group in Sirah District launches its awareness program to improve the effective participation of women in relief, early recovery and peace operations in Yemen, which is implemented by the Badil Foundation for Development with the support of the Generations Without Qat organization. a number of civil society associations, the health complex, safe spaces, some mosques and kindergartens were targeted.

The activity aims to introduce the role of the family mediation group and raise awareness of the importance of the role of the family in relation to their children and proper education by following children and taking care of them, and raising awareness of the dangers surrounding the young such as e.g. drugs, smoking, electronic shisha, and other bad habits that are foreign to the family and society.

Awareness was varied by the three groups to illuminate, through psychological support and awareness, the harms of sexual violence and the importance of family cohesion, to resolve family disputes and to make society aware of the culture of dialogue.

The family mediation group worked in three squares in the Sira District, Al-Khasaf Square, Al-Tawila Square and Shaab Al-Aidaroos Square, and also worked through interventions that contribute to improving the standard of living of some families so that family harmony. and peace reigns.

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