The father of the martyr Sufyan Al-Daari has been searching for his son’s body for 8 years.. Read his sad tragedy | Written by Ali Mansour Moqrat

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From the rear of the revolution, the area of ​​Dhi Radm, I received an audio video from the father, Saleh, Saif Awad Al-Daari. It breaks the heart and not only hurts it. Yes, touching words. He explained to me. the story of the martyrdom of his son, the young martyr, the hero, Sufjan. He, that is, the father, Saif, recently lost his sight.
He said, “I was hoping to meet you, my brother, journalist Ali Mansour Moqrat, to greet you and thank you for the things you deal with with courage, while the children read to me everything you write.”
The important thing is that my son was martyred on November 24, 2015 on the Karsh Front. He was part of the resistance with commander Fadl Hassan, and his body did not reach us. I went looking for him everywhere, to Taiz and Sanaa, and met Abu Ali al-Hakim and the governor of Taiz, Abdo al-Jundi. But unfortunately I came back disappointed.
Uncle Saif Al-Daari added, “My son was martyred, and we did not even receive his rights and entitlements, including weapons, salary and burial ceremonies.
The blind father, Saleh Saif Awad Al-Daari, requested that the case of his son, the martyr Sufyan, be published so that those in the government and the Ministry of Defense hear and read our tragedy and great sadness.
Al-Daari’s call has ended, and here I publish his call, and the officials will read it, God willing, and stand with him, even if he makes up for his thoughts.
I would like to mention our uncle Saleh Al-Daari to ease the grief and pain of him and his family a little. My dear brother, my cousin, Brigadier General Ahmed Hussein Moqrat, Commander of the 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade Hazm, led by Brigadier General Abdul-Ghani Al-Subaihi, was martyred in Jabal Hawzan, Mokha Front, in February 2017, and his body was not handed over to us, but the Houthi flags lowered a picture. His body was with the military card, and one of the soldiers near his body was raising the card and saying: “This is the brigadier general of the mercenaries.” Of course, a group of the brigade leaders and officers were martyred along with him, including the operational staff of the field brigade and all of them. After six years their bodies have not been handed over to this day.

In conclusion, I hope that His Excellency the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daari, and the Commander of the Fourth Military Region, Major General Fadel Hassan, will stand with my dear father, Saleh Saif Awad Al-Daari, who, by the way, is one of the men from the rear of the city of Dhirdum, the birthplace of Saeed Saleh, Al-Khubaji, Al-Zumhi, and Muthanna Salem Askar, and because here I am satisfied with this amount and until We meet, peace be upon you

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