The General Secretary of the Abyan Women’s Union welcomes the efforts of the security zone in the county to fight against the drug scourge

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The general secretary of the Abyan Women’s Union, Ms. Adila Khadr, hailed the efforts of the security zone in the governorate under the leadership of Brigadier General Haidra Al-Sayyid, and the serious directions, strict measures and leadership of the imams of the mosques in Khanfar to fight the spread of the drug scourge, which is one of the biggest challenges and one of the most important dangers facing and worrying our society.

She emphasized that their diligent and continuous work for all the fight against the scourge of drugs and to discourage those who promote them, will contribute to the protection of society and the reduction of the impact of drugs on individuals and families.

She pointed out that fighting drugs requires the coordinated efforts of everyone, together with the security authorities, imams of mosques, civil society and non-governmental organizations.

She said that the Yemeni Women’s Union believes in the importance of education and education to strengthen security efforts in combating drugs by strengthening awareness and spreading knowledge about its harms and negative effects on society, appreciating all the efforts made by the security zone in Abyan Governorate for. limit the spread of drugs, showing its support for joint work to face this scourge. Destructive to secure our community.

*By Muhammad Nasser Mubarak

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