The General Secretary of the Tarim District Local Council bid farewell to the blind people of Tarim, who participated in the “Umrah for the Blind” program.

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The General Secretary of the Local Council in Tarim District, Mr. Ali Khamis Sobeih, said goodbye to some members and students of the Blind Association in Tarim, who left for the Holy House of God in the program for the blind Umrah this. morning, Sunday, November 19, 2023 AD

In a speech by Mr. Aqeel Salem Al-Kaf, former head of the Association of the Blind in the Valley and the Desert, he encouraged the participants to endure, be patient and cooperate with the volunteer companions to serve us in this journey.

He emphasized that participants in the Umrah program should benefit from every minute in worship and obedience, as it is a precious opportunity that must be seized.

In a conversation between Mr. Aqeel and the General Secretary, he gave a comprehensive explanation about the nature of the program and that the participants are from Tarim District and Sayun District.

Sobeih wished the Umrah journey for the blind people good luck and success, thanking the great efforts made by their fellow volunteers, asking God to give them a great reward.

In a farewell atmosphere, the families of the blind and some people from the board said goodbye to the blind, their guides and facilitators, who were volunteers who had traces in the operation of the association.

*By Abdullah Sobeih

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