The great artist / Forsan Khalifa… the bird flying in the spaces of alienation…?!| Written by Issam Khalidi

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For the city of Aden, the late and creative artist, Forsan Khalifa, is considered one of its most important creative tributaries and its noble, brilliant sons, innovators in the entity and style of Aden and southern singing, who spread and highlighted the characteristics of the Aden song, and even among those who did, with their contributions and creative productions (singing artistic conquests) in the Arab world, the Gulf, and the Arabian Peninsula. He is one of the artists. The few who were carved in the rock. to serve the concepts, values ​​and message of Yemeni singing in general and Aden in particular.

Our brilliant artist left his city and birthplace (Aden) for many overlapping political, economic, cultural and artistic reasons, which we will not explain in this context.

He migrated carrying his udu and the bar (and his innovative, modern singing art project that was different from the form and style of old, stereotyped traditional singing that was prevalent in the period before the announcement of the formation of the Adeniyah Symposium, which was founded in 1948 AD, and which was headed by the great writer, poet and educator, Muhammad Abdo Ghanem, and its composer and pioneer, the late artist Khalil.Muhammad Khalil, and by that we mean that he represented the continuity of the project .(the pioneer generation), which formed the nucleus of the modernist, renaissance, cognitive, artistic, cultural, and literary action.

In fact, the gentle artist Forsan Khalifa was influenced by the Adeni singing schools, which were at the peak of their brilliance and brilliance in the era of the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century, and he was able to establish (an independent artistic musical). Singing school) called Lebanon, which served the way and approach of innovative Adeni singing, which he introduced through hard work. He was diligent in presenting his independent artistic personality, his unique and distinguished lyrical and musical output, and his thumb signature. , which formed an additional source in the continuity, constancy, and spread of his production and creative giving, which shaped the taste and mood of the listener and recipient of his works at home and abroad.

I can say that what our artist presented about the creations and current songs of torment lingered in our hearts and consciences and created in the folds of our souls and hearts the meanings and meanings of love, joy, joy, happiness, pleasure and happiness. .
He was one of the fans and admirers of the artist, musician Ahmed bin Ahmed Qasim, and his outstanding students who had talent, will and continuity. His calling and title was uniqueness, brilliance and success.

The immigrant artist, Forsan Khalifa, lived as an ambassador for southern Yemeni Adeni singing and presented the flower of his youth and the juice of his efforts to serve the cause of Yemeni (Adeni) and Arab art in all local, regional and international forums and participations ..

He was an honorable example and an exceptional model who raised the reputation and status of Aden and Yemen in its most beautiful, brilliant, wonderful and most brilliant moral, humanitarian and artistic image.

The bar was distinguished by the elegance and elegance of its sophisticated musical composition, with its contents, implications, visions and creative aesthetic images.
Perhaps the most outstanding of his musical works, which achieved popular success and were loved by heart, are his famous songs: I’m afraid to love / Believe me when I tell you / Love story / I remember you / I miss you / Stranger. / The night in your eyes / Yarsha Yabardiyya / The operetta (The Wind of Sunrise) and he presented the famous song of the artist Fayza Ahmed, which tells the story of the suffering of alienation known as (The Youth Came)…

In addition, he also performed many hit songs, including, but not limited to, these songs:

Morning Star Bakr / Pigeon Bird / Al-Dawdahiya / Antelope from the Fala / Morning Light / Mount Sabr / Qamar from Wadi Banna… He also performed national anthems and songs that contributed to the rhythm of all political eras and stages… and the list continues with his artistic career full of wonderful songs that enriched The Yemeni and Arab library contains the best, most beautiful and famous musical works…
Khalifa has a melodious, sweet, clear voice like flowing waterfalls. His voice is scientifically and musically classified as “tenor”.

He dealt with Eastern and Arabic maqams, including, but not limited to, the following: Al-Rasd / Bayat / Al-Hazzam / Sika / Rahat al-Ruh… and others, with proficiency, ingenuity and mastery. He also used Yemeni and Arabic rhythms in a scientific and thoughtful way.

He is considered one of the few Yemeni artists who have mastered the use of Yemeni dialects with skill, skill, and skill.
He performed in collaboration with the poet Dr. Saeed Al-Shaibani (a duet and wonderful artistic masterpieces)… and he formed another duet with the great poet Abdullah Abdul Karim..

In conclusion:

God have mercy on the inimitable artist, Forsan Khalifa (the last cluster of creativity of the beautiful golden age) in the city of Aden, the civilization, history and originality..
Our great artist lived in exile as a patient, suffering fighter, carrying in the folds of his soul his eternal and eternal love for the city of Aden, which he loved, and longing for it continued to pursue him, oppress him and trouble him. in the suffering of (alienation). He was able, with merit and ability, to transform pain, fatigue and pain into radiant lights of hope, tolerance, optimism and giving, which will remain an eternal beacon in the world. Endless cosmic spaces. .

The late Aden and Yemeni singer and composer, Forsan Khalifa, was a great singer
(An exceptional and difficult number) across the map of the Arab world, and he remained brilliant (a fine artistic model) embroidered by his rich singing career, full of lamps of beauty, magic and luxurious imagination, and saturated with the brilliance of the culture of ( the city of Aden) in its pioneering golden age of enlightenment.

The amazing artist and creative person, Forsan Khalifa, passed away on Monday, November 22, 2016 AD

Consecutive years have passed since his passing, silently, ignored, absent, and marginalized by the competent and official authorities because of his artistic, lyrical, musical, creative, modernist role..?!!
In fact, his (sonically silent) demise was a pain in the heart and a deeply painful effect on souls and souls who loved modern, renewed and sophisticated singing.

(You missed him)… This is not an objection to the will of the Creator, Glory be to Him, but rather to what the art scene witnesses in terms of a creative and human vacuum and presence that was and will remain. distinctive and unique and cannot be compensated in the foreseeable future by hiding his pure, rich body in the homeland of his enforced forced exile in the diaspora..?!

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