The Houthi “Zainabiyat” forces women in Ibb Governorate to participate in mobilization activities and pay financial royalties.

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Consequences.

The Houthi group targeted Yemeni women of all ages in various areas of Ibb Governorate to force them to participate in mobilization activities, pay financial and in-kind royalties, and provide the jewelry they own under the pretext of preparing support convoys to liberate Jerusalem and save Gaza. .

The newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat quoted local sources in Ibb Governorate about field visits made by Houthi women leaders working in the so-called Women’s Authority, along with other “Zainabiyyat”, to several neighborhoods and areas in the city of Ibb and some. of its boards to target women and ask them to collect donations, led by Aisha Al-Saqqaf, the official. Authority, and its leader, Sahar Al-Zuhairi.

The Houthi group faces accusations from Yemenis of using its women’s security wing (Zainabiyyat) as a tool to suppress Yemeni women, forcefully mobilizing them in schools and at the neighborhood and village levels, and pressuring them to steal their remaining money and jewelry. , under the pretext of supporting Palestine.

The field movement of Houthi female recruits included the city of Ibb (the governorate center) and the districts of Al-Mishna, Yarim, Al-Qafar, Jableh, Habesh, Al-Adin, Al-Sayani, Al-Fara’, Madhikharah, and Dhu Al-Safal. This was preceded by the group launching an intense media campaign to deceive women and mislead them under the pretext of defending Gaza and resisting Israeli attacks.

Umm Ahmed, a symbolic name for a housewife in the Al-Mashna area in the Ibb countryside, talks about a few days ago, female Houthi recruits made a field visit to several homes in her area, targeting groups of women and convincing them, under blackmail and pressure , of the need to contribute to the support of Palestine.

Umm Ahmed expressed her deep dissatisfaction with the group’s means of imposing a fee on women under the pretext of financing feminist activities that apparently support Palestine with convoys and actually finance the war effort, despite the critical living conditions that the majority of women suffer in places . controlled by the Houthis.

The Houthi group is pressuring the women of Ibb and other regions to force them to make donations, at a time when they realize that most of them no longer have jewelry or money, after being forced during the past years of the coup and war to sell their savings to support their families and children.

Women living in various places in Ibb reported being surprised, along with other housewives, by Houthi “Zainabiyyat” making surprise visits to their homes to demand that they stage protests and provide whatever money and jewelry they had to prepare convoys to rescue the residents. from Gaza.

With ongoing local accusations against the group’s leaders of exploiting the Palestinian cause and creating wealth from the handouts they impose on Yemenis, the so-called “Women’s Organization” and “Zainabiyyat Brigades” continue to target mothers, housewives and others in Ibb Governorate with a jewelery collection campaign under the same pretext.

The targeting of the Houthi group of women in Ibb took place in parallel with the commission of dozens of various crimes and violations against Yemeni women in the governorate and the rest of the areas under its control, due to the repeated humanitarian calls to stop these crimes from international and international. local organizations.

During the past years after the coup and the Houthi war, Yemeni women have paid heavy prices as a result of the violations and crimes committed against them.

Yemeni reports indicate that the Houthi group has committed thousands of violations and crimes against women over the past years, including forced military service campaigns, forcibly subjecting them to intensive sectarian and military courses, as well as committing heinous crimes against them such as kidnapping, deprivation of rights , torture, assault and sexual harassment.

Human rights activists in the Yemeni city of Ibb say that the behavior of the Houthi group belongs to the process of repeatedly exploiting the Palestinian issue and turning it into a new nightmare that disturbs the lives of Yemenis, most of whom live in a state of. misery and deprivation due to lack of job opportunities, in addition to the cessation of salaries of government officials for years, due to the deterioration of the economic situation. This year, successive crises, the absence of even the most basic services, and high prices; .

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