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Positive reminders are a form of self-help that helps you overcome negative thoughts that make you doubt yourself, helps you see yourself in a positive light, and gives you more confidence in yourself and what you are capable of achieving. It is essential for every female, especially for brides.
What are positive reminders?

Positive reminders consist of phrases that you can say out loud to yourself or in your head. You can also write it down and make sure it’s always visible. It is meant to help build and improve your self-confidence, even when things are difficult.
Practicing positive reminders doesn’t necessarily mean repeating the same phrase over and over every day. It’s about affirming yourself and replacing negative thoughts with positive self-talk.
This may seem like telling yourself that you are valuable at your job when you start comparing yourself to a co-worker, or you stop appreciating your body when you see your reflection as you walk in front of the mirror.
Positive thinking has the power to change our brain chemistry, but many of us still struggle to apply it to our daily lives. We are born to survive, so it is natural that we are hardwired to look for danger, to be suspicious of others, to distrust the world and question our place in it.
These survival instincts may have been useful in the past, but they are a far cry from modern life. The struggles we face now (such as being exposed to a stream of negative news and unkind comments on social media) require a new kind of coping mechanism.
How to make positive reminders

You will need to know which positive affirmation method works for you. There is no one right method for everyone. To start this, you need to choose a quality, trait or choice that you have made and start highlighting the positive aspects of it.
Positive reminders come in many different forms, but they are only effective when practiced regularly. Positive affirmations work best when they relate to a specific problem or concern you are dealing with. If you are going through a difficult situation, positive affirmations can help you get through it.
An essential part of making positive affirmations is not denying your reality. Denial is not a good coping strategy. It is important to process the difficult times you are facing and begin to process your feelings. Affirmations are meant to acknowledge what you are going through and how difficult it is, and then help you get through the other side of that challenge.
Positive reminders and their importance

Over time, repeating positive affirmations has been shown to change the way you think and feel about yourself. The science behind this involves the billions of neurons in your brain.
When you think about something repeatedly, you make it easier to fall into the same thought in the future. However, positive affirmations help you break negative thinking habits and build a new pathway in your mind for positive thoughts.
Eventually, positive thought patterns emerge, and your good thoughts influence your actions. This can help you learn new skills, succeed at work or improve relationships.

Examples of positive reminders

Read or listen to positive messages (Source: pexels)

Positive reminders are usually short, encouraging phrases that help you create a positive mindset.
You can say these affirmations in your head while you brush your teeth in the morning, say them out loud on your way to work, or write them down before you go to bed.
The more you use reminders, the more it will help you find your worth and self-worth within yourself. Examples of positive reminders include:

  • My hard work will pay off.
  • i am strong I trust in my abilities.
  • I have the power to make the right choices for myself.
  • My goals are achievable.
  • I will take action and achieve my goals.
  • I will find the good in everything.
  • I’m always learning.
  • Life is beautiful.
  • It’s good for me to have fun.
  • I deserve love and happiness.
  • I care about myself.
  • Healthy food nourishes my body.
  • I give myself room to grow.
  • Every day is full of joy.

This is not an exhaustive list, but we hope it helps you get started on your journey to more positive self-talk and thoughts. You can start by choosing to repeat one of these phrases.
The effectiveness of positive reminder messages

Research has shown that positive reminder messages have great effectiveness and positive effects in your professional and psychological life by:

  • reduce stress;
  • Increased well-being;
  • improve performance;
  • Make practitioners more open to behavior change.

Collecting positive reminders can take a long time, so if you’re really tight on time, let your phone do the work by downloading an app like Happify, which will send you positive messages and encouragement when you wake up and throughout the day.

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