The Minister of Education inaugurates Sama Aden International Private Schools in Aden

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The Minister of Education, Mr. Tariq Salem Al-Akbari, opened today in the temporary capital, Aden, the Aden Sky International Private Schools, on the occasion of the fifty-sixth anniversary of independence, the glorious 30th of November.

During the opening, Minister Al-Akbari, accompanied by the Secretary General of the Local Council in Aden, Mr. Badr Maoun, toured the departments and sections of Aden Sky Schools, which included science, computer, robotics, languages ​​and virtual reality. laboratories, learning from the President of the Board of Directors, Mr. Fayez Naji, about the educational system of the school and the educational services it provides. high quality.

The Minister of Education praised the Aden Sky International Schools for the appropriate educational quality that it represents in terms of the best international equipment, indicating his pride in this scientific building that constitutes an important change in the level of private and private education in our country and the graduation of generations armed with science and knowledge.

The opening ceremony included honoring the winners of the World Mental Mathematics Championship, which was held in Dubai 2023, as well as honoring the male and female teachers who contributed to improving the educational process in Sama Aden International Schools.

The opening was attended by the Deputy Secretary of the Education Sector, Mr. Muhammad Ali Lamlas, the Undersecretary of the Curriculum and Educational Guidance Sector, Dr. Abdul-Ghani Al-Shouzbi, the Undersecretary of the Girls’ Education Sector, Dr. Dina Sadaqa, Dr. Abu Bakr Baabid, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Aden, Brigadier General Mohsen Al-Wali, Commander of the Security Zone, and some general directors of public departments at the Ministry of Education. Education, heads of departments in the Aden Education Office, and some social figures and officials.

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