The nation mourns the passing of the late of the nation, Dr. Abdullah Ahmed bin Ahmed Al-Halmi. A. wrote Basil Al-Nasri

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The soul, the heart and the depth of my homeland are sad and mourn, mourn from the depth of their soul the passing of their righteous son.
How much Aden wished she could meet her son, even for one day, but she grew old and did not get to meet her son. Aden hid the secret of her sadness over the separation of her son and the nation’s son for almost three decades since he left her and the soil of the nation, but she lived in Aden and we all lived in the hope that we would meet and have the opportunity to meet our doctor. And our loved ones, hands tremble, bodies embrace, and hearts and souls. fulfill their wishes. Thus we, the loved ones, relatives and families of the deceased, aspire with us, and friends, colleagues and companions of the leader and spiritual father aspire with us. And so is Aden, and some honorable place also in the south moans and groans, but moaning, longing and a different kind of nostalgia. It is the mourning of the nations for their people. And its faithful children, the language of this longing is not known by all the common people, and perhaps few of us realize it.

For three decades, we waited for the conditional meeting, which did not receive an answer, and as a decade passed, the dream of the desired meeting wavered, and if it were not for the space of hope in which we lived, and we were all living in hope, which was inspired by every word we heard or read, or the look with which we noticed the dead of the homeland, Dr. Abdullah Ahmed bin Ahmed, as if it opens before us new horizons of hope, patience. and light
And so the days and years passed, and all passed through stations, pauses, attitudes and trials of despair. A great number failed, many stumbled, and the spoken language was interrupted by many, but our dead man remained that great mountain, like the other mountain of Shamsan, firm, stable and tall. The circumstances did not and did not affect him, despite their severity, and they are such, with firm principles and convictions that could not and will not be able to. And the factors; , consequences and behaviors of politics do not affect them at all.

The freedom fighter, Major General Dr. Abdullah Ahmed bin Ahmed Al-Nisri Al-Halmi, is a well-known national figure and name because he is at the forefront of all numbers, numbers and names. That is why he is more famous than fire in knowledge and the well-known do not know. How could he not be, when he is one of the most prominent national titles. His name is associated with some qualities and titles such as integrity, courage and tolerance. Sacrifice, patriotism, sincerity, morality, humility, height, culture, science, knowledge and respect were reduced to values ​​and ethics in him, and he was reduced to them until he became, in the eyes and appreciation of all who knew him, one of the two outstanding figures in the contemporary and modern history of the a nation

That is why we and all who know Dr. Abdullah from the general public have been waiting for his return, because we believe without a doubt that with his return, he will bring back to the motherland much of what the motherland has lost due to the absence of these distinguished men

Our physician rose from bed, and his pure soul ascended to the side of his Maker, and behind us after his passing at a crossroads, mournful and sad. We remember every word, every sentence, and every broad title that he wrote for us with his own hand . . We console ourselves with the noble history he left behind for us, which he created and wrote during his beautiful life. And finally, goodbye, goodbye, dear.

My condolences to myself and my whole family, especially to the noble man, the spiritual father, Major General Obaid Ahmed bin Ahmed Al-Nasri, and also my condolences to all my brothers, the children and grandchildren of the deceased, the children. of his brothers, and the whole family of the family of Hajj Ahmed bin Ahmed Al-Juwairi. I share the sadness of the homeland and every honorable place in the country, whose protection the deceased protected and whose wealth the deceased defended.

My condolences also to all patriotic and loyal men who are deeply hurt by your departure, O brave, proud and stubborn knight.

I ask God to forgive you, cover you with His vast mercy and place you in the highest paradise in heaven.

Dreamers November 19, 2023 The

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