The office of the Hadhramaut Gathering Conference in Al-Wadi issues an important statement

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Special.

The joint meeting of the departments of the General Secretariat in the office of the Inclusive Conference of Hadhramaut in the Valley and Desert of Hadhramaut and the heads of the offices of the Inclusive Conference in the districts Valley and Desert made an important statement, after standing before the latest developments in the political situation at the national level and the situation in Hadhramaut.

The statement indicated that the aspirations of Hadramaut and its people; Political, economic and military must be present in the road map for peace, and excluding them will not help to create a sustainable peace, but will also push the people of Hadhramau to more events, to achieve their aspirations on the ground adopted by the document and results. of the comprehensive Hadhramaut Conference and agreed upon by all the people of Hadhramaut at home and abroad.

The statement called for an end to the escalating initiatives of the leadership of the magistrate against the leaders and supporters of the Hadhramaut tribal alliance, the Hadhramaut Inclusive Conference, and the political project for Hadhramaut, and to bear its responsibility to protect freedom of expression. and political action, and abandon the policy of repression and exploitation of influence, to achieve narrow political goals, and we call for dialogue, with the participation of all forces. Influence policy, to adopt a political, military and service vision for Hadramaut.

The statement emphasized that the state of polarization and narrow political affiliations will create a conflict that we will not accept and avoid, and we will try to maintain political consensus, thus improving the state of stability that Hadhramaut is experiencing.

The statement indicated in its fourth paragraph saying: Our partnership with the brothers in the coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates requires that we work together to correct mistakes, eliminate risks and threats, and alleviate suffering. of citizens, in light of the ties of neighborhood and brotherhood that unites them with the people of Hadhramaut in particular and Yemen in general.

The statement rejected the exploitation of the influence of authority, including the judiciary, to target political opponents, and it indicates a stage dominated by tyranny, exclusion, and oppression, given its control over the administrative, political, and military decision of Hadhramaut.

At the conclusion of the statement, he emphasized that the joint meeting is in permanent session, to monitor developments in the situation, take appropriate decisions about them, and present organizational proposals to the presidency of the mosque to take decisions about them.

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