The southern one and a half kilometer leads!!!| Written by Ahmed Al-Saqqaf

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There is no free and firm southerner who does not want to restore his state and disengage from the fraternal northern part. My point of view is that I hope that Yemen will become two separate regions with a peaceful and advanced development character.
The South was a state of law, sovereignty, law and equality, with a fair nature for the old before the young, the white before the black, and the tribe before the conquered.
Yemeni unity came and was a dream that everyone dreamed of and worked to achieve. It was achieved on May 22, 1990 AD, and it was the cornerstone of a project for Arab unity and Islamic unity at a time when the Arab and Muslim world was crying out for the wounded, sad and dying.
Yemeni unity was exploited by cheap tools and corrupt leaders in the north and south, and all of Yemen’s wealth was killed, looted and looted in the north and south without mercy, compassion or care for a people fighting circumstances to eat bread. of bread with a drink of water, hoping to improve their situation and raise their standard of living and the situation, which is compatible with Tharwan and the situation of his country, which he considered a jewel. But unfortunately in the hands of Faham.
The data turned and made the southern part fair, and the northern part tasted what the southern part tasted, with all mastery, greater than greater, and more than the people of the southern part hoped, until all circumstances came to give the southerners the reins of things, decisions, place and time, that is, all things became under the hands of the southern people, and without any trouble, since the north fell. Under the feet of the dynasty of the hateful and crouched. master, demanding the blood of the ancestors of the dynastic Imamate.
And from here we begin the story of the leaders of the South (half sleeve). What we mean here is that they do not have the charisma and leadership personality that qualifies them to lead the South to security and empower the South through his land , wealth and goods on land, air and sea. But, far from that, they lost their way, betrayed the faith and sold the covenant for personal interests at a low price. Self-gains do not build the South; but rather fill pockets, leaving behind a state in which security has become a wish, and the citizen is a spoil of war, a temporary weapon, on demand and at the cheapest price.
Unfortunately, the southern leaders were chosen according to region, favoritism, kinship, tribe and purpose. Unfortunately, they also repeatedly exceeded the injustice, arbitrariness, exploitation and brutality over what was practiced by the brothers from the north side, the God of God. peace be upon them.
The southern leaders currently do not possess the most basic components and qualifications that rise to the level of a state at the level of the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, but unfortunately what suits them is the United Republic of plunder, taxes and corruption. results and manifestations of the ideas and tendencies of these leaders are the reality in which we live, far from any excuses or analyzes that do not enrich or enrich the Hunger, confusion, shadowing, lying and selling illusions.
What the South lacks today is the leadership of a qualified elite with an understanding and precise vision that puts the interests of the people and of the South before their own interests, which brought the South to the Middle Ages and even to ancient times, in which the a person looked for food, water and pasture, which are the characteristics of the era and primitive man.
The leadership of half, how many people are the people of collections, the leaders of the looting of lands, the deduction of wages, and every corrupt person who is south of the top of the state pyramid, even a soldier in a government facility. , who feeds on corruption, lies and wickedness.
Note: There are southern groups to whom hats are raised abroad and at home, but they are outside the leading squadron, but we ask God to fix the country and the people, because the south is sick and not dying,,,,, ,,

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