The statements will not stop the issue of taxes.. I have the solution!!| Written by Haidara Al-Kazmi

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The statements issued by officials and military leaders who demand to stop the collection points in Abyan during these days will not solve the problem but will make it worse because some of them escape from their reality in which they were part of what is happening in Abyan . regarding illegal collections.

I do not want to talk about who are the participants in these taxes, nor how much is the weekly share of these taxes of each commander or official, what is the value of the bond on all large and small trucks, the kind of goods or oil . derivatives they carry, who controls and manages each point, and the main points of taxes, whether from the entrance to Abyan Governorate. Branching to Khanfar, to Al-Mahfad, or to Ahwar, passing through all the districts of Abyan in which these. points are distributed. This introduction is limited to Abyan Governorate only. And the taxes that happen there happen more than that in #Aden #Lahj (Butt, Yafa) #Al-Dhalea. The discussion about this introduction is long and has many branching details, but we will leave it for the next days.

I return to where I started, which are the statements of officials and military leaders and of whoever tries to declare or talk about the issue of taxes, which I personally reject and which everyone rejects, and what realistic solutions I will propose in the field.

My point of view is that these statements are not appropriate and are not a solution for this issue. They appear to public opinion without prior study because they increase differences and fuel conflict between the military and security leaders. Abyan is indispensable because the citizen is not a beneficiary in the past, at present, or in the future, in light of the current situation and the indicators experienced by the country;
I do not know what is the purpose of the declarations which some of them make when they have taken their weekly share of these taxes.

My point of view is what I require and I suggest that it should be the solution instead of statements. If you are honest!? And you care about the citizen as you claim!!

First: An invitation will be made for an expanded meeting that brings together the military and security leaders in Abyan Governorate. The invitation will be from a first-class military commander who can be an axis commander or initiate other leaders. The meeting and in-depth discussion will be held to develop realistic and on-the-ground solutions to this issue, and clear, strong recommendations will be produced to resolve this issue. The issue and demobilization of those points and collection booths.

Second: After the meeting, the meeting will be coordinated with the Governor of Abyan Governorate, Major General Abu Bakr Hussein, to put it before the recommendations and results that came out of the expanded meeting of the security and military leaders in Abyan Governorate, to discuss and to approve them, as they are in the interest of the citizen. Those recommendations, which were agreed upon by those who participated in the meeting, will not be left to the governor. He used excuses when asked by society, dignitaries, figures and sheikhs in Abyan to work out a solution to this issue and raise the collection points. The governor’s answer to them was that he could not because behind them were leaders of military units who did not listen or implement his directives. Here, no excuse will be left for the governor when he The military and security leaders come to him and present him with the recommendations and results of their meeting to resolve this issue due to which the collections will be stopped.

Third: Any leader who will miss the meeting or reject the results and recommendations of the meeting does not want what is good for the citizen or to remove Abyan Governorate from the cancer of taxes that burdened the citizen in his life and livelihood.

Fourth: These steps and solutions will be a strong initiative led by Abyan Governorate, where this problem has spread as the last governorate following other governorates. Let it be the first to prevent and reject taxes and thus embarrass the rest of the freed counties who suffer from illegal taxes which benefit only those who receive them and pay their damages and evil consequences to the citizens of this country.

Finally, this is what I wanted to put before you of true solutions of mine, and to be translated in the field instead of ill-considered statements of some of them, exchanging accusations, and attributing reasons to a responsible person and leaving them. to another leader or employee to avoid liability and prior partnership.

Everyone is equal, just as you participated in sharing these taxes, you must participate in preventing and stopping them and developing a final solution to this issue.

May God protect Abya and its defeated and weak citizens.

Written by: Haidera Al-Kazmi
11/19/2023 AD

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