The war against hospitals and schools in Gaza Written by Nayel Arif Al-Emadi

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The war of hospitals and schools should be called the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of the war, the Israeli military machine has destroyed dozens of schools, hospitals and medical centers. The last of these crimes was the storm of Al-. Shifa Medical Hospital and the removal of all sick, injured and premature babies in front of the eyes and ears of the world and the organizations of the United Nations, which It abandoned its moral and humanitarian role to the Palestinian people, who are subjected to the worst. crimes of genocide. The majority of the martyrs in Gaza fell while sheltering in those hospitals and schools, which became a legitimate target for the Zionist army, and the number of martyrs reached today, corresponding to: 19/11/2023.

13,000,000, one of them martyred. 5,500,000 children, 3,500,000 women. They were targeted by Israeli attacks on schools and hospitals after their displacement there. Hospitals and other medical facilities are civilian objects that enjoy special protection under international humanitarian law, or the laws of war. Hospitals lose their protection against attack only if they are used to “acts harmful to the enemy”, and after necessary warning. Even if military forces illegally use a hospital to store weapons or set up a camp for able-bodied fighters, the attacking force must issue a warning to stop such abuse, set a reasonable time limit to end it and launch a lawful attack only after this warning is ignored. Ordering patients, medical staff and others to evacuate the hospital should only be used as a last resort. Medical personnel must be protected and allowed to carry out their work. Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, which entered its second month, Israel has accused Hamas of using hospitals to hide its headquarters and facilities. This accusation has been repeated many times by the Spokesman of the Israeli army, Daniel Hagari, who said in several press conferences that “Hamas uses hospitals for terrorist purposes,” adding that the movement “exploits hospitals to hide its war machine.”

Hamas has repeatedly denied the Israeli accusations and issued a statement on the fifth of this month, in which it called on the United Nations to form an international committee to visit hospitals in the Gaza Strip and verify Israel’s claims about its use of resistance sites. a member of the political bureau of Hamas, Izzat al-Rishq, described the accusations. The Israeli army described it as “baseless deceptions and lies.” With the entry of the Israeli army into Al-Shifa Medical Hospital, the falsity of those charges became evident, because no military infrastructure affiliated with the Palestinian resistance movement was found.

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