This is our chance to exhaust the Zionist enemy and its allies!!| Written by Salem Al Masoudi

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At the first spark of the Russian-Ukrainian war, I wrote a post that the Russian bear fell into a trap… it fell into a war of attrition led by America and its allies.

Many writers accused me of being a child who knew nothing about international politics and claimed that Russia would settle the battle in its favor within weeks.

Today is more than a year since Russia’s war of attrition.

We, Arabs and Muslims, have always had the Gaza war open to us. We will exhaust Israel and its western allies for years to come. Every Arab must participate in this war, whether under the table, whether above the table, or economic wars. It is our last chance to end the Western hegemony over us, our decisions, and our wealth, and our Arab peoples.

Abbas, do not sharpen your sword, stand and participate together with the people of Palestine… Whoever does not participate today, Palestine will not need it tomorrow because tomorrow there will be no state called Palestine!

If every Arab does not participate in ending the aggression against Gaza… whoever does not participate today will not find something to participate in tomorrow, so who will you sharpen your sword for after today, Abbas!
Greetings from my heart to the regime of Sanaa, which took control of the Israeli ship and took it to the port of Hodeidah. My greetings to it, despite our differences with it, but every day we are amazed by everything new in its support of the people of Palestine to relieve the pressure on them.
We say to all Arab slaves that this stage is not a stage of political bickering and bickering.. Unite, all Arabs, and close your ranks, because Gaza will defend you, and if they invade it today, they will invade you tomorrow, one. Arab country after another.

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