Tribal arbitration and tribal warriors to extract rights.. Where did the state go in Aden?

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Aden recently witnessed some incidents that reflected the invasion of tribal customs before the law and order that prevailed for decades. The city was an example of the compliance of its people with the law and order.

Within less than a month, the city witnessed more than 9 customary and tribal arbitrations, the largest of which was between officials in the Ministry of Interior itself.

Other areas witnessed, the most recent of which was Al-Tawahi, the spread of armed men demanding the extraction of dark rights, in an aspect that until strange years was one of the strangest manifestations that contradicted the civil and legal nature for which Aden was . known

While participation in tribal arbitration is declining in other regions and governorates, such processes are now enjoying great prosperity in Aden.

Many attribute this to the weakness of the state apparatus, the disruption of the functioning of the courts, and the widespread lack of faith of the people in the legal procedures, which cause great harm to the litigants due to their slowness, which encourages people to adopt tribal arbitration . systems that the majority of people believe are also very harmful and will only happen. Negative damage to people’s right to sue.

Although the security authorities of the city say that they aim to strengthen the role of police departments, the multiplicity of security services and their work in a contradictory way is one of the most prominent reasons that weakened the real presence of the security institutions themselves.

While a few years ago, the police department was the only department that people went to for disputes, today there are more than three to four branches, all of which are security, and all of which receive complaints from citizens and decide on their cases. This created a crack in the structure of the security institution, which is supposed to be built according to a pyramid. My succession starts with the police and ends in court.

In a scene that opposes the presence of the state, many victims who are subjected to attacks require the help of armed men from their tribes to go to Aden with the aim of extracting rights. This is a scene that has never happened in Aden, but it reflects the extent of the invasion and presence of the tribe.

Many believe that the continuation of tribal arbitration will undermine the real presence of state institutions and the judiciary in the city and turn it into a big arena where bulls are slaughtered, and with it any hope for a real presence of order and law.

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